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Arte y Sabor: Spanish fusion food in Seville

It’s a really strange day for all of us after the US election results were revealed last night. I notice a lot of people are expressing disbelief and fear on social media, many declaring that they will leave the USA. I am not an American, and I have no intention for this website to get political, but I do want to say a few words. I encourage everyone to travel, to see other cultures, to experience life in a different way, broaden your horizons and all that beautiful shit, BUT PLEASE don’t do it to escape. NEWSFLASH, this phenomenon of anti-establishment voting and xenophobia is being felt in many Western countries. (Remember Brexit? Look at Greece and France too!)  No matter how or whether or not you voted in this election, it’s our responsibility as citizens of ALL COUNTRIES to protect the vulnerable and stand up for our rights. Do not let fear defeat you, let it motivate you.

Posted last night on my instagram.

Posted last night on my instagram.

Now that’s off my chest, I’m not gonna lie, you may want to escape temporarily for a quick vacation to close your eyes to the chaos. Well, last weekend I was in Seville and went to a favourite restaurant of mine that I think you should visit too, Arte y Sabor!


Credit to Arte y Sabor instagram

Arte y Sabor is a vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant nestled in the Alameda de Hercules in the city centre. In order to appeal to Spanish locals who are slow convincing to join the veggie game, it offers meat and fish dishes, but almost everything on the menu has a veggie option. It tips its hat to classic Spanish cuisine while incorporating flavours from other parts of the world. The atmosphere of the restaurant is artsy, yet simple and unpresumptuous, and their sharing plates follow suit with fair prices. I almost always stop here for a tapa when in Seville, and I think you’ll understand why when you see the pictures!


In true Spanish style, we were served complimentary olives to whet our palate. I love the aceitunas here as they are coated in parsley and cumin seeds, a small ode to the head chef’s birthplace, Morocco. I thought they were a bit stingier on the quantity than past visits, so they were devoured pretty quick.

What we ordered:

Croquetas caseras de espinacas con salsa de ajo blanco (Homemade spinach croquettes served with ajo blanco sauce – vegan)

Croquettes are usually made with lots of butter and milk, so I was really surprised at how creamy the vegan version was. I don’t usually like cream sauces paired with fried foods, but as ajo blanco sauce is made from almonds, bread, garlic, oil and water, it didn’t seem heavy and added a nice additional flavour.

Salteado de setas al Pedro Ximenez (Sautéed Wild Mushrooms in Sweet Sherry Wine – vegan)

On the menu this dish is usually served with foie, but we got the vegan option without. The medley of mushrooms was tasty paired with grainy bread, and the sweet Pedro Ximenez crema balanced out the dish rather well. I do think this would be very easy to replicate at home though, so maybe try ordering one of their other options and wait for my copycat recipe which will come out soon!

Timbal vegetariano  de queso granulado, almendras, cebolla y berenjena  sobre salsa de tomate (Vegetarian Timbale made with ricotta, almonds, onion and eggplant on top tomato sauce)

As much as I’d have liked to try to make this a vegan day, we simply couldn’t resist ordering one cheesy dish. No regrets! Layers of eggplant sandwiching warm ricotta cheese and torched mozzarella on top swimming in a tomato sauce that was the perfect balance of sweet and acid. The little almond slivers gave a surprising crunchy element to the dish.

The total for this meal along with 4 small beers came to about 25 euros, split between two people. I totally recommend Arte y Sabor for vegans, vegetarians and the omnivorous among you looking for Spanish fusion food.

Other plates not pictured that I recommend (not pictured):

  • Ensalada de champiñones con queso gorgonzola (Mushroom salad with blue cheese)
  • Crema de coliflor (Cauliflower soup)

What are your favourite Spanish fusion dishes? Where is a restaurant that you always go back to? Let me know in the comments!

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Alameda de Hércules, 85, 41002. SEVILLA

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